15 Cats Trying To Help You Not Do Stuff!

We love cats even if they can be a little annoying. We own two calico girls and Miss kitty wants breakfast and dinner ON TIME. She will bug and holler till she gets fed. The other one Kitten (Named for her adorable meow) will come in bed and sit on my chest while I’m trying to watch TV.

All cats have their little quirks but here are some we found that is just too funny! Enjoy!

15: Coming in at number fifteen is a cute kitten obviously trying to help someone read!

Reading Cat Photo

14: This one just wants to watch you as you read!

Watching Cat Photo

13: This one is all too familiar with my cat! Once again great choice on where to sit.

Cat Sitting On Someone

12: This cat just wants to help with the landscaping. Great job keeping him company!

Cat On Your Back

11: Ahhh what a little helper during tax time!

Shoulder Cat

10: I think this one just wants to make sure your wrists are nice and warm.

Cat Belly

9: I guess this kitten thinks you need less screen time!

Kitten bocking Ipad

8: Going for a walk? I’ll come keep you company.

Cat on shoulders

7: Cats are very clean so they like helping with brushing. Great job!

Cat playing with toothbrush

6: Keeping you entertained while your bathing.

Cat watching someone bathe

5: Having trouble with work? this cute kitten is there to help you not solve it.

kitten laying on laptop

4: Not sure what’s happening here but I’m sure the kitty is just trying to be helpful.

Cat laying on a lady

3: Someones trying to style hair. Fantastic job!

Cat sitting on a ladies head

2: Nuber two just loves to help you play Xbox. A supurb job there!

Cat laying on an arm

1: Number one takes the cake because nobody likes to wake up with a cold head in the morning!

Cat sitting on a head


As you can see cats really just want to help. You may think they are invading your personal space, but really they just love to help a bit too much at times. I don’t mind if Kitten tells me it’s time to stop watching TV or Miss kitty keeping me on time. I hope you enjoyed this blog post! Leave a comment about how your cat tries to help you with the everyday thing!

Thanks for reading!
By: Andy Harms

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