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The best cat bed ever!

The Hamburger Cat Bed

I have seen a lot of cat beds on the market and tried out a few since I owned an online cat supply store. Unfortunately, I had to close the store due to a lack of time but I did find the best cat bed ever.

I have two cats, both calicos and normally they prefer a box over a cat bed until I tried out the Hamburger Cat Bed with them. As you can see Miss Kitty loves hers. Since the day it came in the mail she has loved it. She hops in every time she takes a nap. The other times she sleeps in our bed with20181111_182544 us. Miss Kitty is very protective of her space and Kitten (our other calico cat) tried to use her bed too but Miss Kitty wasn’t having it and hissed at her. So I bought another one for her and put it where she usually naps and she hopped right in too.

The beds are very soft with a textured bottom to stop sliding on hardwood floors which is water resistant as well. The inside is lined with super soft wool with a fluffy pillow that pulls out for cleaning. The best part is the removable top. The top snaps on and off so20181111_182523 depending on your cat’s preference you can have a cave or just an open bed. Ours like the tops on.

I’d say out of the 4 or 5 cat beds we have had this is the clear favorite for both. I highly recommend this bed for any cat owner. Our cats are medium size and fit easily in them. We have a cream color and a brown one.

Let’s face it cats are picky and you never know what they want other than food and love. We were fortunate enough to find a bed that they actually use. Thanks for reading and have a blessed day!


By: Andy Harms


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