Do you have a weird cat?

We do!


So it was about 10 years ago after I had met my wife who is from California. She moved out to Minnesota to start a life with me. Shortly after we got settled we thought about getting a cat. We have both have had cats in our lives so it was an easy call. Little did we know we would pick a couple of quirky kitties.

464946_3022901220070_542930911_o     Miss Kitty was the first cat we had got together after the tragic loss of her cat Spotty Kitty. As we were traveling across the country we stayed at a motel in Montana. The window in the room only opened a little bit and we were smokers at the time. Well in the middle of the night she squeezed out of the window, never to be seen again. We looked everywhere for a couple of days before we had to leave. My wife was devastated.

Then my wife saw Miss Kitty at a shelter and it was love at first sight. We were told, “Rosie is a little shy and hides a lot”. It was probably due to her living conditions before arriving at the shelter. She was about 5 years old and we had to have her. After getting her home we kept her in our bedroom to get comfortable with her new home. We did notice she was quite scared but that was to be expected being she was in a new place.

464975_2856686464805_1569100593_o     After a can of wet food, she was more and more friendly and after a week she was pretty easy going and less scared. She even started sleeping next to my wife which she still does today. She would hide when people came over and it would take a bit to get her out after they left. Back in the shelter, they said they were going to put her to sleep because no one wanted a scared 5-year-old cat but that wasn’t the case. She was super happy and playful and seemed everything was normal.

Then it came to feeding we started to notice she was very scared when she ate. She would eat as fast as possible. Then we had a really devastating garage fire in 2013. Luckily she hid in just the right spot under our bed. The next morning we rushed to look for her and found her still huddled in the corner. I mean this cat was lucky! We ended up moving to a rental house and started picking up the pieces. Miss Kitty was really nervous for a while but eventually, she was back to her normal self. She still to this day runs if the smoke alarm goes off but in all not too bad. We started thinking maybe she would enjoy another cat.

20180617_154946I was shopping and decided to stop and look at a few rescue cats. This is where I saw Kitten who was named Flatsy because her ears were smaller and flat. I didn’t see it but I saw her and I knew she was the one. I rushed home to get my wife and we got her. Kitten (who we first named Nermal from Garfield) was a tiny 2-year-old female calico just like Miss Kitty. After getting her home Miss Kitty was not happy and would hiss and growl at her. We started feeding them together but noticed Miss Kitty would steal Kittens food. We solved that by feeding them separately.

616099_4100971331149_1232555824_oAfter a few months, Kitten and Miss Kitty were getting along better but we noticed Miss Kitty was the queen bee and had cemented her place with us. She would not let Kitten sleep where she usually did. When she plays she hisses and growls a lot but you can tell she is enjoying running around after Kitten. We then moved to an apartment in Saint Paul and they really seem to enjoy each other. Miss Kitty would lick her and sometimes even cuddle with her. They ate together but you have to keep an eye on them because Miss Kitty would still steal her food.

20181001_202939Then we got our house in Saint Paul. They had lots of room to run around and play. We even made a cat patio with benches raised up and shelves to climb up so they can see outside. Now comes the weird behaviors, some new some we had already seen like Miss Kitties eating habits. Kitten for starters will get really excited when you pet her and it makes her tail get HUGE. The fur stands up on her back like when cats are scared or trying to look tough. Also, she was licking and biting at the blanket she laid on before going to sleep. Watching her tongue stick to the blanket was hilarious and she would really bite and pull on the blanket. We named her Kitten because she has a high pitched meow that sounds like a seagull. Kitten is always terrified of thunderstorms and hides whenever one is near. Miss Kitty, on the other hand, could care less.

582316_10200883348834525_1130723016_nWhen Miss Kitty is really happy after being fed she will meow really loud. Sometimes she howls in the hallways late at night. It’s so funny. Then when it comes to bedtime Miss Kitty does the same routine every night before curling up next to my wife. Never by me because I toss and turn some. She always lays on my wife lap when we are in the living room. We never thought she would be a cuddly kitty but 7 – 8 years later she loves hugs and cuddles. She is far less scared of people and is for the most part just like any other cat. She also hangs her leg off things when she is really relaxed. She also lifts up one paw when she’s excited. At first, we thought she had hurt it but it turns out it was a quirk.

I’m sure every cat has some quirks but these two are just the funniest cats either of us have ever owned. They are still playing with each other but after a fight, they had that there is little to no cuddling with each other. We love both of them so much even with their oddities. Let us know in the comments if your cats have some weird habits or strange behaviors. I hope you enjoyed the read! Thanks


By: Andy Harms

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