Amazing Cat Patios And Porches

Creative And Unique Cat Patios And Porches

I was researching what things people have done for their cats to make them happier and healthier. I came across people who have decked out their patio and porch spaces for their cats to play with a great view of the outside world. Some of these are just clever and they all are amazing looking. Some people call these catios and go to no ends to make the cats in their lives happy.

CatioCatwalk3The first one I came across is this simple but very orderly cat enclosure. I love how clean and professional this one is. From the nice framing to the small mats and shelving makes this one very clean and pleasant to look at. It’s a very good use of space, functionality, and beauty.

Stepping it up in size is the Cats at the Furry Friends Halfway House. Their custom full deck conversion to amazing catio just looks fun and inviting. I absolutely love the custom stairs and catwalk. The cat tree on the porch and the sisal covered framing gives them plenty to scratch on.
Being able to let your cats outside without having to worry about them getting into trouble or getting lost is the name of the game here. If I were a cat I’d think this catio would get two paws up.

Next, we take it up a notch again with this spectacular cat house with a cage-like tunnel leading to it. From the trees and bushes to the marvelous cat house makes this one a standout. I don’t think there is any cat lover that wouldn’t love this feline house. They did an awesome job blending this into the natural surroundings.

Wow, this one looks like a cat castle with an amazing three story cat tower all enclosed to keep the cats safe. I really enjoy how the cat tunnel goes right over the railing of the deck.
This is quite a structure and shows his love for the cats in his life. Once again this fits into his backyard perfectly and even matches the house. Bravo!

Getting more luxurious, this Florida cat oasis looks fit for a king. The fact that there is a pond is incredible enough, this catio even has trees and plants making it feel very natural. Remarkable!

Now we are getting big and more expensive for sure. This looks like it takes up most of the back yard but hey, they are worth it. This one also gives you plenty of room to enjoy it with the animals. The rock bordered pond is striking and the gravel also gives this one a natural feel.
A couple from Arizona built this behemoth of a catio for their 16 cats. The enclosure is about 600 square feet making it bigger than some New York apartments.
The pond has goldfish and koi in it giving the cats something entertaining to look at while they take in the bright warm sun. With a couple different catwalks leading from the house, the cats have free access to come and go as they please.
After seeing this kitty playland I’ve concluded that any cat would be lucky to have this at their disposal.

Whether you go big or keep it small, the cats are the clear winner when it comes to indoor/outdoor living. These spaces let them see critters and birds and makes it so they can safely enjoy the outdoors. Thanks for reading!


By: Andy Harms



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