15 Cats Trying To Help You Not Do Stuff!

We love cats even if they can be a little annoying. We own two calico girls and Miss kitty wants breakfast and dinner ON TIME. She will bug and holler till she gets fed. The other one Kitten (Named for her adorable meow) will come in bed and sit on my chest while I'm trying to… Continue reading 15 Cats Trying To Help You Not Do Stuff!


Indoor Vs Outdoor Cats

When you get a cat there is always one question you have to ask yourself. Indoor cat or let them run around outside. I've had both and these are a few pros and cons. I think caring for your cat with regular veterinarian visits and keeping them up to date on shot is the key to being a good owner. But the choice whether to leave the door open to outside play or to make that not an option is a tough one.